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The Colourist Collection


Luke Ross



Luke is a colourist and video producer who is in search of a designer to create three colour grading posters, each available in two different sizes. These posters will play a vital role in enhancing the overall atmosphere of a post-production facility. They are intended to be prominently displayed on the walls of colour grading suites, hallways, and lobbies within the facility. The primary objective is to design artwork that is characterised by its simplicity, elegance, geometric and abstract representation of the artistry behind colour grading. The posters are available in two sizes, and you have the option to choose from two background colors: Black and Dark Grey.

These posters will be offered for sale on Luke's website, where interested individuals can make a purchase. Each poster will be elegantly framed in black when purchasing.


Create three colour grading posters that will elevate/complement the look and feel of a post-production facility. These posters will be hanging on the walls of colour grading suites and post-production facility hallways/lobbies; the aim is that they should be simple, elegant, abstract interpretations of the art of colour grading.

- 3X unique colour grading poster design with 3 topics each: Lift Gamma Gain, Video Signal & Colour Wheel
- Available in two sizes 12”x18” and 24”x36
- Black frame (frame and sizing can be viewed here
- Black/dark grey background that creates a nice border with the black frame
- Abstract geometry/representation of key colour grading imagery
- Strong accent colours (avoid anything fluorescent or overly saturated
- A theme, design element or text that is consistent for each poster


I presented Luke with three concepts, showed in two background options: White and 18% Middle Grey, for his review. Additionally, I provided mockups for each poster and one mockup showcasing all three posters together as a Colourist Collection in a row:

- 1st concept is "STICK TO THE REAL INTERFACE": Refining the first concept, I've sticked closely to Luke's suggestion design, making subtle layout adjustments and introducing additional elements. This approach remains straightforward, with instant recognition and a sense of familiarity when observed.

- 2nd concept is "CREATIVE ELEMENTS": I've chosen just one to two key elements to symbolize the essence of the topic. While not immediately apparent, these elements convey hidden meanings that gently evoke familiar imagery associated with these components/ topic.

- 3rd concept is "CREATIVE ELEMENTS": The third concept is explorative products during my work process, akin to the second concept but with a touch more emphasis on "how things work." I think it's great to share these variations with Luke too, providing a richer array of options to consider. So, I've gathered them all to present them collectively as Concept #3, hope Luke can find what resonates best with his vision.


Luke chose Concept #1 and following two revision phases with feedback and discussions to enhance the 'minimal and monochrome' concept, Luke expressed satisfaction with all the designs and is ready to sign off the project.

You can see more of my creative process and all creative proposals for Luke of each stage here: (These files only includes The Initial Presentation (The Creative Proposal) and 2 Revisions Phase only, final approved designs are shown in this page)

"Jo was a pleasure to work with! She designed three posters to a very high standard and I look forward to our next project together. The highlight was her strong communication and clear deadlines, along with her strong online project management workflow."

Luke Ross

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