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I have an opportunity to work for Makareta & Katarina to build their fashion brand MAKA Studios centered around chunky knitwear made from sustainable, locally sourced wool.  This full branding project has captured my heart as I've delved into it, exploring my creativity to enhance the brand's identity. Our collaborative journey has been truly remarkable, leading us to a final result that not only satisfied but also exhilarated us.


Logo Suite

(Primary/ Secondary/ Brandmark

/ Submark & / 2 Other Variations)

One-page brand Style Sheet

Brand Guidelines

Brand Collaterals (15 assets) 

Brand Elements


Makareta Coote

& Katarina Coote



Makareta & Katarina, who are twins, have named their brand MAKA Studios, derived from their initials, 'MA' and 'KA'. The challenge here is to create a distinction between the letters 'MA' and 'KA' while maintaining a sense of unity. To tackle this, I've designed a custom font for the logo, drawing inspiration from the fact that the twins share a strong resemblance at first glance and are sometimes mistaken for each other. However, upon closer inspection, and for those who really know them, their unique differences become apparent and can tell them apart. This concept reflects the idea of individuality within the uniformity.


The typeface I've crafted utilizes geometric shapes, ensuring that while the font style remains consistent between the 'MA' and 'KA,' the specific details within each letter are distinct. This enables easy differentiation upon closer examination, much like the twins themselves.

The following designs are initial suggestions for the brand, using a model not associated with MAKA Studios. These are intended as examples for future designs when a model is recruited for their garments.

Please note, the designs below feature HOPE's model and garments  and are used for demonstration purposes only.

The following brand assets are recommended for a clothing brand that aspires to resonate with chic and empowered women who yearn to express themselves with boldness and captivating vibrancy.

The brand is on a mission to infuse every woman's heart with the delightful and self-assured spirit that defines MAKA Studios. The target audience, encompassing women from diverse young and mature backgrounds, will find in the brand a source of empowerment and a canvas to express themselves boldly and happily.