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Focus Activewear is a women's activewear brand with a unique focus: making you feel good about yourself. It all started from my client's own experience of struggling to find activewear that made her feel confident because she didn't have the same body as the beautiful models on websites or mannequins in stores. She wanted to create an activewear brand that is affordable, comfortable, and represents the diversity of women. That's why Focus Activewear is dedicated to providing stylish and inclusive options for the majority of women


Logo Suite

One-page brand Style Sheet

Wash Label

Thank You Card


Rosalie Voyer



At the outset of our project, she shared her love for the snow leopard and forget-me-not flowers, which hold special meaning to her as they represent her origins. However, she also holds a fondness for the hummingbird and native New Zealand flowers, as New Zealand is her second home. With her initial uncertainty about which direction to take, we devised a creative proposal featuring three options to explore what truly resonated with her brand vision.

The first option showcased the snow leopard alongside forget-me-not flowers, the second option featured the hummingbird with clematis flowers, and the third option combined all four elements from the first two options. Agreed upon prior to the project commencement was the illustrative style for all three options, with a touch of vintage charm, reflecting her preference.

After reviewing the proposal, she found that the first option resonated most with her. We then presented primary, secondary, and submark logo  along with three additional variations that emerged during our creative process. 

Included in the package were brand patterns and elements crafted for use in promotional materials.

Among her chosen brand assets were the Wash Label and Thank You Card

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